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BioMoverTM  :  MBBR ir IFAS maišymo technologijos

The Landia BioMover™ is a custom engineered agitator, designed specifically for biofilm carrier mixing.

The biofilm carriers used in the MBBR1 and IFAS2processes in modern waste water treatment plants are typically made of HDPE3 with slightly buoyant density and are designed to offer large protected surface area for biofilm growth.         

  1. MBBR =  Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor
  2. IFAS   =  Integrated Fixed-Film Activated Sludge
  3. HDPE =  High-Density Polyethylene


Advantages of the Landia BioMover™

  • Compatible with all types of biofilm carriers from various suppliers.
  • The stainless steel propeller, with its wide blades and low tip speed, ensures gentle and energy efficient mixing of the biofilm carriers.
  • Gentle mixing prevents damage to the fragile media, while sloughing the surplus biofilm and ensuring full contact between bacteria and nutrients.
  • Guaranteed mixing performance to keep solids and biofilm carriers in suspension, thereby preventing biomass from settling on the tank floor and keeping sieves free from clogging.
  • Dozens of different motor sizes and individual propeller designs ensures effective mixing of media in all types of tanks.





Over the past two decades, Landia has installed BiofilmMixers in numerous waste water treatment plants around the world.


The mixer in this photo has just been retrieved forservice inspection after completing 5 years of non-stop operation in an anoxic biofilm reactor.

Individual solutions

An example of two new Landia BioMovers installed in a deep MBBR-tank in North America.


The required size of the motor and the propeller are calculated individually for each project to ensure high efficiency and low life cycle costs.

Filling new media into the tank

The fill-fraction is typically 20 to 65 percent of the total tank volume... so it requires a lot of media components!


Please contact the individual MBBR and IFAS system suppliers for advisory and more details on the complete biological processes.



Landia supplies mixing equipment to all the world's leading MBBR and IFAS system suppliers.

Here are a few of them (in un-prioritized order):


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