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Lygio davikliai

Level sensors



Non-contact ultrasonic level sensor

The sensor ensures easy and accurate ultrasonic measurement of the liquid level in the tank – and combined with a control box which automatically starts and stops the mixer or pump, you can now concentrate on other things.


The ultrasonic sensor is installed at the top of the tank and calculates the distance to the liquid level by measuring the time it takes for the ultrasonic signal to return – almost like a radar.



Example: Controlling a slurry reception tank
(placed between livestock shed and storage tank)

  1. When the quantity of slurry in the tank reaches a pre-defined maximum level, the ultrasonic sensor transmits a signal to the control box. The signal causes the mixer to start mixing the slurry to a homogeneous consistency.
  2. The pump starts automatically shortly after.
  3. The mixer keeps running concurrently with pumping from the tank and stops automatically when the pre-selected minimum level for mixing is reached.
  4. The pump keeps running until the pre-selected minimum level for pumping is reached.
  5. This procedure is repeated automatically when the quantity of slurry in the reception tank reaches the selected maximum level again.