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Dry pits



Complete dry pit for thin slurry from mink and pigs

As an alternative to traditional reception tanks and built-up concrete pits, we offer a complete, ready-to-use pit designed for dry-installed Landia pumps.


The dry pit is made of dimensionally stable moulded polyethylene (PE) and is supplied complete with pipes, base plate, vent valve, sluice valves and hinged lid.
The pit fits all Landia’s dry-installed MPTK pumps, which are available in several sizes and designs.


Several applications

With this solution, thin slurry from mink and pigs can be led directly to the storage tank, thus making the reception pit with mixer, submersible pump and control dispensable.


The PE pit from Landia can also be used to install a booster for pumping over long distances or on rising ground.


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The dry pit diameter is 130 cm and the standard height is 190 cm.

The pit must be buried so that the inlet and outlet pipes are at a frost-free depth, but the lid and minimum 20 cm of the upper edge must always be visible above ground - to prevent surface water from entering the pit.


The extended base plate ensures that the dry pit stays in place in the ground – also if/when the groundwater level is high.
















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